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Life’s Priorities

Sometimes you need a swift kick in the keister to bring you back to the ground.  I have had a couple of those lately. Sometimes you wonder…. which way is up again?  What did I do yesterday?  What day is it?  You…. AGAIN?? It’s like groundhog day… Yes- Again. I used to work in corporate […]

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A boy… a girl and her horse….

I had the opportunity to photograph this family a few years ago playing soccer. To say they are athletic and beautiful is an understatement.  When Mom called me to take pictures of the kids, I jumped. Check them out: And then there is Ava and Misty….  together they tell a great story… A lovely horse […]

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This guy happens to be the son of one of my closest friends.  I have watched him grow over the last several years into this smart handsome young man…. Between that smile and those big bright eyes- no wonder all the girls love his… PERSONALITY 🙂 My boys love and adore Alex.  They look up […]

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